Top Reasons to Use Microsoft Outlook

Like mobile phones, the email is one of those enduring innovations that we simply cannot do without. It is still the best medium for business communications and if you are running a small or large organization, you will certainly appreciate the important of having a robust email client to serve your needs. We can use the email clients via a web interface or through the desktop. In corporate circles, the email client of choice is often Microsoft Outlook and this necessitates a lot of organizations to invest in good Microsoft Outlook training.

The Outlook was once a hated email client. It was difficult to setup and caused many users who are well acquainted with simple email services such as Yahoo and Gmail lots of headache. Most organizations had to invest in technical support that caters for those Outlook email problems. They still do, but the advantage is that Outlook has improved considerably over the recent years. It is now easy to set up and the interface is more user-friendly. Users are able to easily archive, forward or retrieve emails with relative ease without calling out some technical support. One way for organizations to fully leverage its power while minimizing the costs of support is by investing in Microsoft Outlook training for its staff members.

There are plenty of reasons why Outlook is still the best choice for many corporate clients. A lot of these advantages have to do with its robustness and versatility as an email client:

It Goes Well with Microsoft Exchange

If you have an email server that is running Microsoft Exchange, then getting Outlook right will be a very simple affair. These go beautifully together. Users will just fire up Outlook and off they are set to go with the email client without much technical involvement from the support staff in the configuration of the email client.

Outlook Offers Easy Integration Active Directory

Active Directory has an authentication which also extends to the Microsoft Exchange. A user will simply log onto a computer, fire up Outlook and their credentials in Active Directory will be seamlessly shared with Microsoft Exchange. No separate login will be needed. Outlook will automatically figure out your email address and authentication details stored in the Active Directory and get you moving!

Integration with Numerous Devices and Apps

We live in a Post-PC planet and that means users are deploying a vast array of devices in order to access their emails. It could be a Samsung Galaxy, HTC, iPad, Sony Xperia and the great selection of PDAs available in the market today. Whatever the PDA device that you are using, you will always find a way to synch it smoothly with Outlook.

You can Easily Organize Your Assets with Outlook

Can you imagine an email client that is better than Outlook in terms of organizing and categorizing your assets? You can easily sort messages into new folders, archive old messages, add redirects, forwards and automate Out of Office Messages.

Great Integration with SharePoint

Portal development tool Microsoft SharePoint is also used by many organizations intent on boosting their productivity and collaboration when it comes to building intranets and websites. The good thing is that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. Users can easily receive notifications from SharePoint in their emails and even participate in SharePoint discussions via email!

Familiar User Interface

Microsoft Outlook has been around for quite some time and, as a result, there is a great deal of user familiarity with its interface. This cuts down on the learning curve. The email client still has a lot of functionalities that you need to discover in order to make maximum use of it and with Microsoft Outlook training, you will be able to master some of the advanced concepts of Outlook. The basics of the email client are, however, generally intuitive.