The rates of cell tower leases can be mysteries to many property owners today. This is because, there is lack of information available for them, which in turn negatively impacts owners in negotiations. Therefore, this article turns the tables in your favor by sharing with you some industry secrets. Before you visit reliable specialists to update you on possible causes of increase cell tower lease rates, learn how you can maximize your cell tower rates. Check out Cell Tower Lease Experts.


Linked closely to the law of demand and supply, desirability simply means how serious the cell phone company wants your property. If your property meets their needs and there are no comparable properties nearby by that period, there is a chance that you as a property owner can increase rents higher than their initial offer. However if your property is similar to other nearby properties, then the cell phone company may have other options nearby, and rent higher than their initial offer will be challenging to secure.

A new cell tower construction comes with new cell tower leases and in this case, a cell phone company typically creates a search ring. The search ring is created to identify few properties to provide their radio frequency engineers options with real estate. In many cases, some property owners brag that they have the best property in town, while others keep wondering what their lease is worth. For that, the only way to know how desirable your property is to the carrier, is to have your opportunity reviewed by reliable cell tower experts. In addition, the specialists can tell you how to go about cell tower lease extensions, as well as things that can increase the rates of cell tower leases.

Capital improvement costs

Just like other development projects, whether constructing a new house or a new office, cost is an important factor to consider. In the case of constructing a cell tower, a cell phone company may have many costs to consider. This is because, the company needs to get an engineer and architectural, site acquisition agents, and credible contractors. In addition, the cost of the design should also be considered depending on the design the company wants.

However, many design solutions are available to meet the needs of different companies today. To understand the cost of capital improvements associated with each design, and how it influences your property, call a reliable cell tower company to discuss further updates on cell tower lease rates with them.

 Finally, to understand the value of your cell tower opportunity, you should contact cell tower lease experts such as Vertical Consultants. With many years of experience leasing cell towers for the top carriers in the industry, the specialists understand what the cell phone companies want. This unique insight can give you a huge advantage in negotiation, tipping the scales of negotiations in your favor. If you are looking for information on reliable experts who can advise and update you on how you can maximize cell tower lease rates, visit

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