The Portuguese coastal points offer some great recreational trips into the sea by speed boats. This is why adventurous tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the trips and have fun while watching dolphins and other wealth of natural sights around the place. Albufeira, Algarve and Villamoura are all familiar names for the regular visitors here. The Best Family attractions in the Algarve include fishing trips with experienced professionals on board, and you can take your children also along on these trips. Dolphins and sharks are sighted in these waters, and the tour operators give you a wide choice of trips into the sea.

Best Family attractions in the Algarve

Dolphin Tours are Very Exciting

Dolphins are considered very friendly animals and are even playful. You could go out into the sea, and from your boat watch the dolphins slide through the blue waters and then make a nice jump in the air and dive back into the water. You might have seen such videos at home, but the real sight before your eyes is quite an experience. If you have taken your kids along, book a dolphin tour in the Algarve and savour the sight in all its glory. Apart from the common dolphins, the bottlenose dolphins are also found here. If you are able to find the right agency, you can even get to swim with dolphins in Albufeira. There are provisions for the whole family to enjoy these sea animals play among themselves, and you can join the fun. The water sports packages and speed boat trips are one of the best family attractions in the Algarve.

Each Point offers Many Options

The way the boat operators in the coastal areas operate is that you could start from any one of the points depending on the location of the hotel you have booked yourself in. For example, you can find as to what are the best dolphin tours in Vilamoura and book one of these the first day. The next day you could change the starting point to Algarve and try one of the expeditions from there. For example, if you choose the speed boat trip for 3 hours starting from Villamoura, they even let you control the boat, though there will be an expert crew from the operator’s side. You can make a round trip of the coast, take time off to have a swim and eat lunch and get back to the boat for some more fun.

Another adventure ride out of the best family attractions in the Algarve one can choose is the big game fishing. If you are already holding a fishing licence, you can show them the same and the boat operator would also have expert fishermen who have years of experience in these waters. Even if you have not done fishing before you can choose this trip, you can watch how they go about fishing and the big fish that are caught are released back into the water. This way, the people there are preserving the place’s ecological balance and not destroying the sea’s wealth. It becomes a win-win situation. The tourists enjoy the moments, and the nature remains unaffected.

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