Automatic lifting equipment have become an integral part of any manufacturing facility as well as warehouses. One main reason is the increasing costs and depleting availability of manually lifting options. Handling of the normal-sized pallets or cartons can be easily done through forklift trucks or other such equipment. It is when you need to lift objects like sacks that the challenges emerge. Sack vacuum lifters provide the solution to this. Using the vacuum lifting technology the sacks of normal weights of 25Kg onward can be lifted and moved, and placed as you need.

sack vacuum lifters
sack vacuum lifters

Complete Solutions for Lifting and Handling

When you wish to look for sellers who sell vacuum lifting equipment Australia wide, you will be able to locate a huge choice of equipment to handle every possible object; from small boxes, glass panes and sheets, to cartons and sacks and so on. These sources can also make supplies of the components you will require to maintain the sack vacuum lifters and other such equipment you use in your facility.

Furthermore, the technology works by integrating the conventional lifting mechanisms such as hoists, where the object is held and lifted through a vacuum arrangement. As mentioned briefly above, to lift a sack from one spot to another, the sack will be lying on its side and the surface has to be flat. The vacuum lifting device will have a round shaped pad which will be placed by the human operator on the sack’s surface and then the vacuum will be applied. The pad will then grip the sack and when the hoisting equipment is then operated for lifting and moving, the sack gets shifted accordingly.

Use of Latest Technology and Service

Today, the chain hoists have come in to help people lift objects from one level to another. These are used in the field of material lifting and handling of heavy, and unwieldy objects and articles on which you cannot use hooks or steel clamps. By creating vacuum, the object is held firmly and then the hoists can be operated as it is done in the normal manner. The dynamism these improvements have introduced into this is that while the basic equipment like the gantry cranes or overhead hoists will have the same function, there are a number of improvisations done to the holding mechanism or the vacuum heads. So, for the sack vacuum lifters, the vacuum head would be a diaphragm type disc, round in shape and capable of firmly gripping the surface of the sack as explained earlier.

For other applications, there are the double headed and multi-headed arrangements as well. If one facility handles many types of objects, all of them can be lifted and moved using the same basic equipment just by changing the head. If a sack has to be lifted from the top, there is a special head attachment. Similarly, if there is a strapped or clamped box to be lifted, the double headed attachment is used and so on. Hence, there are many advantages of using these equipment. All you need to do is choose the right one to suit your requirements.

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